Taught in the manner that Mr Pilates designed his intelligent exercise system.

Authentic Pilates is beneficial for:
Relieving stress & anxiety
Balancing mood
Developing self- empowerment and a positive body image
Increasing range of motion & joint health
Supporting release of inefficient movement patterns
Improving strength, flexibility, posture, co-ordination & balance
Reigniting your zest for life
Gentle release of deeply held issues in the body & healing trauma
Increasing energy levels
Balancing body, mind & spirit.

The traditional exercise system as developed by Joseph Pilates is as much a workout for the mind as it is for the body. The Pilates Method is a focused journey through a complete system of mind-body exercises. The wellness journey inspires discipline & insight as a valuable tool to overcome obstacles, cope with everyday problems, develop resilience to reduce inner conflict, become emotionally more balanced, and gain resourcefulness and increased vitality.

Pilates is a deeply focused mind/body method of conditioning that effects the wellbeing of the whole person. Pilates is based on the traditional exercises devised by Joseph Pilates. Learning to move your body efficiently will invoke flexibility, strength & agility. Studio lessons run from 30 to 55 minutes. Virtual & face to face options are available.


The Pilates Method is a system of exercise that was designed by Joseph Pilates to be taught with one instructor to one client. During your private sessions, we will develop an individualized program to best suit your body's needs, working around any injuries, making you stronger and more flexible. More advanced clients benefit from private instruction to improve precision, add new exercises to their Pilates workout, work on a specific issue or on rehabilitation from injury.


This 30 minute express Pilates workout is ideal for those who want to get a quick workout into their day. This fast paced workout is on a single piece of aparatus. Focus is on flexibility, core strength, balance and mobility and is great for anyone in general good health. An ideal class for those who want to learn how to work more deeply and intensely for faster results.


The original Joe Pilates style workout! In a semi-private class three to four clients work independently with one instructor. This semi private studio circuit class allows you to work with a variety of apparatus in the studio in a single session. The focus is on increasing strength and flexibility, correct posture, coordination and restoration of physical vitality. You will be guided through each class with a challenging variety of Pilates exercises, providing you with a great workout.

Prior to booking semi private/circuit classes, 5 private sessions must be completed. This is to ensure you have received the support and guidance to confidently use the equipment to your own level and ability - it’s also a great opportunity for personalized tips and advice!
*minimum 3 participants.

GETTING READY FOR Semi-Private circuit classes:
You can transition to semi-privates when:

• You are familiar with the names of the exercises in the Pilates system
• You are familiar with the order in which the exercises are performed
• You know how to set up your equipment and can work safely.

If you think you want to start semi-privates, please let me know.