Bend Authentic Pilates uses a holistic approach to whole body wellness that is grounded in movement science. Functional training is training for real life. Authentic Pilates is the foundation we move from. Whether you’re getting up out of your chair or hitting the slopes, we aim to support you to feel strong and capable in every area of your life.

Any Change in One Area Often Leads to Change in the Other

Bend Authentic Pilates will assist you in reaching your goals by supporting your path to wellbeing in every area of your life. Using a truly holistic approach, Bend Authentic Pilates offers Pilates, massage, nutrition, reflexology & psychotherapy. As a holistic principle to live from, we aspire to achieve real health through an integrated system of whole body wellness & functional movement.

We are located off Neff Rd in North East Bend, Oregon. Less than a five minute walk from Pilot Butte.

You are Only as Young as your Spine is Flexible

~ Joseph Pilates

To achieve Real health, we believe in the underpinning principle as expressed by Joseph Pilates, in that your age lies not in years but in the degree of flexibility enjoyed by your spine. “If your spine is inflexible at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”