Isabelle Abrams Headshot My philosophy towards health & well- being is integrative. Each session becomes a unique harmonious synthesis that incorporates the specific elements you need based on your presentations at that time. With a fundamental basis in science, clinical experience, & problem-solving skills, I work using an intuitive approach to create & set the frame work for your individual experience.

I am grateful to be able to pass onto to others the wisdom that Joseph Pilates has left through his wonderful corrective exercise system. Pilates is a method - the complete coordination of body, mind & spirit. It is the foundation for incorporating modalities such as massage, reflexology, nutrition & psychotherapy.

My passion for learning flows on to the desire to empower & support others on their journey of self- discovery. In addition to my private wellness practice, I have worked in the vocational education sector for the last 18 years, educating adult learners in modalities ranging from natural medicine, community services, and counselling to metaphysical wisdom and beyond.

• Certified LEAP Therapist (2021)
• Diploma of Polestar Pilates Studio & Rehabilitation Method (2016)
• Graduate Certificate in Polestar Pilates Matwork Instruction Method (2015)
• Certificate of Professional Pilates Instruction in the Classical Method (2015)
• Master of Science in Counselling Psychology (2014)
• Diploma of Vocational Education & Training (2011)
• Diploma of Community Services (2011)
• Grad Dip of Counselling & Psychotherapy (2010)
• BA of Science in Counselling (US)
• Certificate in Massage Therapy Practice (2008)
• BA Health Science in Nutrition (2007)
• Master in Astrological Counselling (2007)
• Diploma of Spiritual Healing (2006)
• Certificate in Reflexology (2005)
• Diploma of Nutrition (2004)
• Advanced Diploma in Catering Operations (1994)